Andrew Harriott

Will Powell

Luke Selway

Chris Howard

A long time ago in a land not too dissimilar to the one we live in now there was a house. There three young men gathered to form a legendary band. A fourth soon joined and there were many friends and happy times. The name of the house was Lucena House, a hazy music filled abode where all the local people came to sing along. One day herminio was playing on his didgeridoo when he saw an apparition at the end of his instrument. It told him the time had come to form a band of the same name as the magical house he lived in.
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And so, with the help of a friend drumming from south of the river, a wondrous disc was formed that he christened Safe Daze after the drawings of the Jowell. It told of fire and of a promised land that made him sigh loudly. The water was deep dark blue and the people did dance and jangle on the 1st of May. Clad in faux denim, the one sometime called Japeto, travelled to the cultural centres of our time. He returned hairier and wiser and a second disc was born darker than the last. But pains and upheaval did not stop the jingle jangle of the men from Lucena House. Now they have emerged from their hinterland to display their blue suede souls to the people.